How much is tuition and what does it cover?

The cost (or the tuition) of the program varies depending on which program you wish to attend.

Tuition for Leangap® Online is $6,450 USD.

Your tuition covers curriculum, classes, remote group activities, mentorship by entrepreneurs in all timezones, access to the platforms necessary to attend the program, special startup resources, and remote recreational activities.

Tuition for Leangap® San Francisco is $9,450 USD.

Your tuition covers accommodations in San Francisco for the duration of the program, curriculum, classes in a college campus, group recreational activities in San Francisco and the associated transportation, special startup resources, and all transportation associated with the Leangap core program and group activities. Meals are included in the program tuition. Vegetarian options will be included. Please let us know ahead of time of any dietary restrictions or allergies. Students are free to plan their own activities during the weekends, however, transportation and activity costs related to these activities are not included in the tuition.